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Video Options

For more information about any of the video services that we offer, or to discuss which video program is right for you, please click here to fill out this form .

A Legacy of Love

This is where it all started. We began offering our original Legacy of Love program several years ago, as a way to give back to our community. Legacy is for terminally-ill patients who want to have beautiful images of their families or of themselves; to tell their stories; to reach a hand to the next generations.

We want to take great images along with a few video clips, or even recordings of what you want to archive. We will be very flexible on the way you want this done, and wish to make the session as fun, care-free, and filled with as much love as possible. A Legacy of Love may include a free slideshow video with your images and story, and a CD with your images and copyright. This program has been and will continue to be free to terminally ill patients and their families.

Precious Moments Videos

Turn your portrait session into a keepsake video that combines images from your session, other family photos, and a few minutes of interviews into a memorable work of art that will be cherished for years.
These videos aim to capture a special moment in your life or your family, and lets those close to you know how much you love them. These videos are perfect for deploying military families, graduating teens, the celebration of a newborn child, or newly engaged couples.
Pass on your words of wisdom, tell your story of love, or share a few special memories so that they are never lost. Capture, forever, the love you have for the most important people in your life.

Family Video Memoirs

Who holds the stories in your family? Grandparents? Great Aunts or Uncles? Are there events that might be lost to your family history when your parents or grandparents are gone? How much do you know about your loved one's lives?
When someone passes away and the family stories and history are lost, it is a loss that can never be regained- it's like a library burning down. Capturing that history and the stories that can only be told first hand doesn't have to be lost forever. We at Heath Photography want to give you the opportunity to capture those memories and stories of your parents or grandparents.
Pulling together your life story only takes a few days of preparation. Through the use of personal interviews, video, still photographs, old documents, and even a favorite recipe or two, we will create a woven and visually captivating video memoir that captures your loved one;s life story, family history, and cherished memories.